This Alien Xenomorph Ring Turns into Brass Knuckles


This ring from Kilroy’s Attic transforms from the xenomorph to a pair of brass knuckles. Why not? Here it is in action:

And some more shots of the transformation:





You can pick one up at Kilroy’s Attic for $55.

via The Mary Sue


5 Responses to This Alien Xenomorph Ring Turns into Brass Knuckles

  1. Neat idea, but not really useful since it is most likely extremely light. Brass knuckles depend on weight more than anything. While the hardness of the knuckle guard will cause more damage than a bare fist, the additional weight increases the amount of force and damage caused. That’s why a roll of quarters works so well.

    • not to mention it takes to long to set up, i doubt it will do you much good if someone is coming at you… but if you were going after someone and got it ready before hand then maybe it would be slightly better than a fist

  2. Actually, a roll of quarters is potent not because of the extra weight, but because it makes your hand far less compressible, transferring much more energy to the target.

  3. If you punch someone with that you can say goodbye to your fingers, not to mention that only in an Alien movie would you have enough time to deploy it and use it :)

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