Featured Short: Land of Giants [Teaser]

Check out the teaser (long version) of “Land of Giants”, the result of Roundhousefilm’s crowdfunding-campaign. The next step: Making “Land of Giants” into a TV-Series or feature film! From the video’s YouTube page:

“Land of Giants” is a creative mix of the apocalyptic science-fiction, western and martial arts genre.
After the storm reduced our world to ruins, the Giants came to us, to punish those who would ever again lay their hands on the magic called “Electricity”.
A long time ago Crutch (Mathis Landwehr) challenged the Giants’ anger. His destroyed knee won’t let him forget the day they took everything from him.
So he ventured out to hunt and kill them.

If you’d like to help make Land of Giants a movie or TV show, check out Roundhouse on Facebook for updates.

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