Dorkly Comic: The 13 People You See at GameStop [Comic]


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6 Responses to Dorkly Comic: The 13 People You See at GameStop [Comic]

  1. You forgot all about the following people:

    1) the clueless parent/relative buying a GTA or Saints Row game for their 5yr old and the reaction when they are told what it is.

    2) the hopeful dork who has dreams of making video games some day that all look exactly like Final Fantasy and DMC and he shows you his portfolio of sketches every time he comes in.

    3) The religious zealot who is pissed their aren’t more games based on the bible and decides to use the store as pulpit to preach.

    Can you tell I used to work there? ‘

  2. Yup. Don’t forget about the chick who came in for Battlefield 2 and ends up leaving because the other male gamers keep insisting she won’t like it or that Disney Sing It is much more her speed.

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