“Game Launch Rock,” or Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Console at Launch [Video]

Geek Week is full of gems. Take this School House Rock parody, for example. It mines nostalgia for fun and profit by using our beloved SHR memories to warn us against the pitfalls of the modern gaming industry. It’s catchy, familiar, and only a little depressing for those of us who paid $600 for a console after waiting in line for 17 hours (sob).

via Laughing Squid

2 Responses to “Game Launch Rock,” or Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Console at Launch [Video]

  1. Video is actually inaccurate. There are plenty of good games at launch or around the general launch. Buying a system 2 years later would mean you miss out on alot including games that have MP. And the other facts are misleading. Such as the price dropping. Of course it drops. All prices drop given time. If you want 20 years you can get the new gen systems for like $50.

    The only real reason to avoid getting one at launch would be (looks at 360) because it takes months sometimes for them to work out all the kinks people find in the new systems.Granted this gen I am not buying any of the new console since they are all bad.

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