Men vs. Cosplay: 2014 Gaming Calendar Project


Many are the complaints that male cosplayers are under-featured in media (even on our site), though male characters arguably comprise the majority of geekery’s finest stars. Here to put an end to this gross negligence is the group Men vs. Cosplay, who have a Kickstarter project for their 2014 Gaming Calendar project featuring only male cosplayers.

Check out the video:

Atthe time of this writing, the project has nearly been funded. However, the more Men vs. Cosplay receives, the more calendars they can print! Here’s a preview of some of the calendar’s models:





If you’d like to help Men vs. Cosplay get this calendar into the hands of game-loving geeks everywhere, check out their Kickstarter. (Even if it’s only to see the rest of the featured men. Don’t lie.) You can give as little as $1 or as much as… well, as much as you’d like. Let’s get this project going, Geeks!

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