Men vs. Cosplay: 2014 Gaming Calendar Project


Many are the complaints that male cosplayers are under-featured in media (even on our site), though male characters arguably comprise the majority of geekery’s finest stars. Here to put an end to this gross negligence is the group Men vs. Cosplay, who have a Kickstarter project for their 2014 Gaming Calendar project featuring only male cosplayers.

Check out the video:

Atthe time of this writing, the project has nearly been funded. However, the more Men vs. Cosplay receives, the more calendars they can print! Here’s a preview of some of the calendar’s models:





If you’d like to help Men vs. Cosplay get this calendar into the hands of game-loving geeks everywhere, check out their Kickstarter. (Even if it’s only to see the rest of the featured men. Don’t lie.) You can give as little as $1 or as much as… well, as much as you’d like. Let’s get this project going, Geeks!

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  1. I’m not a cosplayer but observing from a distance I would say we see more female cosplay in the media because they’ve put themselves or been put there for profit. What once was a hobby has transitioned into a source of income or at least supplementary income, even a means to get exposure for modeling and sponsorship. Just look at how many female cosplayers sell photos on their sites or even booths at cons. Developers have seen merit in having a real life sexy mascot their consumers can meet. Would there be a comparable market for fan girls to buy male cosplay merch or meet their favourite character? I guess we’ll see.

    • Fan girls will go into a coma over male cosplayers, but you have to pick the right characters.

      Commercialized female cosplay is, lets face it, all about the sexy. I’m at a convention in Baltimore today, and at least half of the male cosplays are are either bulky armor (not sexy) or downright scary (again, not sexy). They can dress as whatever they want, but if you want to go commercial they need to go for the sexy. I know that not every fangirl wil agree with me, but I don’t care to meet the scary pyramidhead dude from silent hill or Ironman in his armor (Tony Stark sans armor is a different story).

      I got an autograph from the eleventh Doctor, “squee”d my brains out over Link, and wanted to throw my underwear at some dude dressed as Fenris from Dragon Age II. Those guys aren’t selling me anything, but if they were I would totally buy it. I don’t know why male cosplayers don’t commercialize, but YES there is a market for it.

  2. Chick cosplayers sell things because men buy want to buy them! It’s not the ladies fault that male cosplayers don’t get attention… I would buy this calender for every room in my house. That fellow dressed as Alistair is smoking! So many games and animes have huge female followings, and it isn’t (usually) for the female characters.

    Bring on the hunks!

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