The Price of Being a Superhero: Then and Now [Pics]


Graphic designer Emil Lendof and Illustrator Bob Al-Greene have teamed together to create a series of infographics comparing the price difference on how much it would cost you to be a superhero during the past and the present.

[Source: Mashable – Batman | The Hulk | Superman | Spider-Man | Wolverine | Via LS]

12 Responses to The Price of Being a Superhero: Then and Now [Pics]

  1. What I want to know is the cost of an autogyro that can follow an ocean liner across the Atlantic, keeping pace with it the entire way.

    Also, should probably note that the “1939” side is kind of a mishmash of different eras.

  2. It should be noted that old school Batman had what I think was a nuclear freaking reactor in the Batcave. The Batmobile was rocket turbine powered so NO way in hell was that $600. Probably million+ Batman had the old school Batcopter. The utility belt was more then $10 as well. Batman has always been about gadget and tech. Funny thing. As tech has advanced so his his gadgets. Also keep in mind that it has gone from millionaire Bruce Wayne, to billionaire Bruce Wayne.

    PS- They forgot to add the cost of cold showers after each encounter with Catwoman.

  3. They forgot the Shark repellent Bat Spray! That cost $134,724,847.01 so actually, the old one was a tad more pricey.

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