10 Incredible Facts About World Of Warcraft [Video]

From political smear campaigns to finding yourself a date, there’s more to WoW than Orcs and Elves. Find out more with these 10 incredible facts about World of Warcraft.



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  1. So the math seems a little off to me. 1 in 5 players are female and 75% of players are dating someone who also plays …. so 20% Female (Lets assume all dating guys who play) so thats another 20% ….so 35% of Male player are dating other male players…or what?

    • I’m guessing it means 75% of players who aren’t single. There are bound to be homosexual couples somewhere in there, but surely not that many. That being said, I too think that 75% is way too high a number and I doubt they have asked a sufficiently sized portion of gamers for this to have any basis in reality. I could believe 75% of WoW gamers are dating other gamers (though what is defined as a ‘gamer’ would be another question altogether).

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