San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2013: Preview Night in Pictures [Gallery]


Yep geeks, yesterday night was Preview Night at the Geek Mecca of all geek conventions, San Diego Comic-Con, and as with last year, Hayley Sargent was there to cover the event for Geeks are Sexy! The was not a whole lot of cosplayers at the event on this day, but we managed to find a few! Expect some more pictures from us in the next five days as Hayley scours the convention’s floor for the most awesome sights and costumes SDCC has to offer! There is also a huge trend this year with homemade geeky patterned dresses. They’re everywhere! Oh, and if you’ve missed our coverage from 2012, you can check all our pictures right here.

Edit: Picture from SDCC 2013 (Day 1) are here!

[Photo Credit: Hayley Sargent for Geeks are Sexy]

4 Responses to San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2013: Preview Night in Pictures [Gallery]

  1. What happened to the beautiful Capt. America cosplay lady that was holding a sign that said, “Fat chicks Cosplay too!” ?????

    • Had too many insulting comments about the sign she was holding. There was a typo on the sign and got tons of comment insulting the person’s intelligence. Sigh.

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