Good Geek Parenting [Comic]


Decisions, decisions, decisions…

[Souce: Lunar Baboon | Via Neatorama]

5 Responses to Good Geek Parenting [Comic]

  1. If somebody tells you that no, you can’t have both, there is usually no good reason supporting that at all.

    • i agree with this on the bigger issue here: the kid can definitely like and enjoy both Star Wars and Star Trek. However, on the choice of backpack the reason is probably monetary, which sounds like a good enough reason to me! If the kid wants both, he’ll have to get one now and save for the other. What’s better geek parenting than teaching your kid the value of saving for the thing they want?

  2. This is cute. I think it’s important that children learn how to make their own decisions and parents should be supportive no matter what.

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