Yaya Han as Power Girl [Pic]

Yaya Han as Power Girl - Click Picture to Enlarge

Yaya Han as Power Girl – Click Picture to Enlarge

[Source: Yaya Han (Official) | Yaya Han (Facebook) | Via WOCC]


7 Responses to Yaya Han as Power Girl [Pic]

  1. Can’t there be an ACTUAL accurately portrayed character? Why must cosplay people reveal everything on them and/or have big breasts? Which is ironic because then they complain about nerds drooling and touching them.

    • You obviously dont know Power Girl then. This IS how Power Girl looks, maybe you should do a little research before whining on here

  2. I thought it was another character. Oops. I just realized it says that at the top too. Not sure how I missed it. Well regardless its a sexist looking woman with big breasts, barley any clothes on…etc. Disgusting honestly.

    • You obviously don’t know what *disgusting* actually means honestly. This woman is beautiful, and she’s cosplaying the character to a tee. Just because you find an over-abundance of cleavage a bit of a turn-off, leave your personal tastes out of it, and judge the cosplay for what it is.