HOW TO: Explain Game of Thrones [Pic]


Best explanation ever:

Take the fifty most murderous, duplicitous, treacherous, and violent people in the world…Now, put them in a room with one seat and make them play musical chairs to the death.

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7 Responses to HOW TO: Explain Game of Thrones [Pic]

  1. Easier to explain it like this: The show is horrible and virtually unwatchable unless you have had a lobotomy, but I digress. It sucks.

  2. Karl. Are you sure you have the right programme??? Game of Thrones is AWESOME…….I’ve read the books and can’t wait until the next one is released. It’s unpredictable just like life plus a big chunk of it is shot in Northern Ireland where I live…..what’s not to like??????

    • We should just ban him from the internet lol, then we don’t have to read his horrible opinion on such a fantastic show and books as G.o.t

  3. I guess the people who dislike GoT are the people who write “dose” and “oppininion”, instead of “those” and “opinion”.

  4. If you’re going to correct someone in a condescending manner, at least take the time to realise what they did wrong; ‘dose’ = ‘does’, otherwise his sentence makes no sense at all with ‘dose’ = ‘those’.
    As for opinions? Well, having an opinion opposite to the ‘usual’ has always been ‘cool’, even if it flies in the face of common sense ;)
    Game of Thrones as annoying as it can be is as addictive as nicotine and I love it! (GoT, that is – not nicotine :P )