A Fish-Eye Look at the Milky Way [Time-Lapse Movie]

All sky fish eye Time Lapse movie made at Paranal Observatory, Atacama desert, Chile.

The Milky Way rises, culminates with the galactic center at zenith and then sets above Paranal Observatory.
Two neighbor galaxies, the large and the small Magellanic clouds, are visible on the top left of the movie.
The zodiacal light is visible on the bottom of the video at the beginning of the movie (sunset) and on the top right at the end of the movie (sunrise).

[St├ęphane Guisard | Via TA]

9 Responses to A Fish-Eye Look at the Milky Way [Time-Lapse Movie]

  1. Pause at 1:16.
    Slowly trace down from the highest galaxy in view.

    Can you see the writing??
    Rewind a little and play, it stays in place, its not coincidence.

    Can anyone decipher it?

  2. Where is this at? I see pictures like this but never see it like that. Even in Yellowstone in the middle of no where.

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