11 Responses to 11 Ways to be Unremarkably Average [Comic]

  1. I have to admit; this thing angered me.
    In the process of living this sort of life, is it not possible to successfully build meaningful, lasting, caring and nurturing relationships? Could a person not in this process help foster other’s growth and development? Couldn’t this guy contribute to the world? Is there something wrong with being the guy who doesn’t stand out but manages quite well to love others and be a part of a conscientious, caring society?
    How did narcissistic boredom become the ultimate horror for our society?
    The comic says quite a lot about its author, potentially about his discomfort with time lacking constant novelty. What it lacks also says something about his lack of valuing of other people and relationships, and that, I think, is the tragedy.

  2. I agree with matthew. Its all personal choice. Maybe to some sticking out is just as unremarkable. If you think about it no ones life is really remarkable unless they someone like the President. You can be a CEO of a company and odds are your life still will won’t be that remarkable.

    I also agree that it reflects the authors view of the world.Hes likely that guy I run into online once and awhile who thinks hes far superior then me because I am more quiet and laid back. Which btw I am quiet and yet people are inspired by my strength I’ve had through my many trials that have made me disabled. Also I went to another country and married someone. So really I am “remarkable” just as much. In the end though I don’t care about remarkable really. Its not what life is about unless your out to have a pissing contest about how awesome you are.

  3. Why do I have to live some kind of super exciting life? What if that kind of life has never appealed to me and I am content with a “Unremarkable Average” life. Don’t be trying to push your life on me. I don’t want it.I’m a hobbit,I know it and it has never bothered me.

  4. Good intentions but lacking in perspective and life experience; most people in the world WISH they could have that kind of a stable, balanced, and successful life. Living a long, normal life with a job, a family, partner, and/or friends… we’re stupid lucky. Some people are ambitious – good for them. But don’t disparage the rest. After all, it’s all relative. You can’t be remarkable without being compared to a bunch of less remarkable people.

  5. What a nasty thought process. It pretty much sums up the worst ideals of Millenials: Anyone who isn’t a rich little snowflake is not living a worthy life.

    The sad thing is that your Baby Boomer parents had to do all of the above examples so you could be the spoiled adult children of the 21st century.

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