Xbox One vs. PS4 Comparison Chart [Pic]


From Deviantart user yamamoto114:

A comprehensive comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hardware. All facts are limited to what has officially been announced. Tech analysis comes from Anandtech.

More powerful chips and/or any features exclusive to a platform are colored blue. Any restrictions or features that were removed vs prior generations will be in red.

I’m going to be constantly updating this image as more facts roll in. If you guys can continue to point out errors and updates and other things like that, that’ll definitely help me keep this factsheet accurate. Thanks!

Pre-Order the PS4 Here.
Pre-Order the Xbox One Here.

[Source: yamamoto114 | Via Technabob]

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    • The way i understood it is your XBONE can have 10 Household members registered to it and anyone within that household can sign in to your account from any XBONE system and play any of your games

    • The reason I wanted clarification is that I have friends who loan their games to their siblings or kids. Not all my friends live with their kids.
      That kind of sucks, because it seems Xbox One will put a stop to that.
      Thus why I am recommending against Xbox One, to my friends.

  1. You forgot one extra on the Xbox 1984 side – “Spies on you 24/7 and uploads it to the NSA every 24 hours”.

      • Or that’s just what they’re telling people to get them to buy it and it’ll record everything regardless.

        Any company that would do something that insidious would absolutely lie to people about it.

        • They announced that when it’s not on it will only listen for one phrase “Xbox on” so you can turn it on with voice commands and you can turn that feature off. It will not be listening to everything you say.

        • Gritchu: That’s impossible. How could it listen only for Xbox On, without listening to everything else. How would it know when to start listening?

  2. Come on, Destiny was showcased as the PREMIUM-EMIUM-WEMIUM exclusive of the PS4 and you placed it under multiplatform? BAH

  3. PS4 also has cloud game saving, and cloud support in general. Also all PS3, PS2, and PS1 games will be on the gaikai cloud. PS+ gives multiple games per week, not per month and most games are a year maybe 2 years old, not 5+ years.

    • Because that is the entire RAM subsystem. System and Graphics will share that 8GB of GDDR5 memory, which is enviable!

      • Seems to me like a bad hardware design, would you build a computer with just graphical RAM? At any rate, I will not be supporting either platforms and their mediocre hardware upgrades.

  4. Also should say 3rd party media apps.. Netflix, hulu+ and amazon prime streaming are available for use under a free psn account, while only available to use on xbox with a paid account.

  5. xbox hardaware is not so good as PS4 (it will have big impact after 5 years). Also xbox restrictions sucks. And I support Indie Devs , so ftw PS4!

  6. The dualshock 4 is, thanks to it’s touchpad, bigger than it’s predecessor. You get free games with PSplus, always been that way. And Netflix, Hulu+ and those others are free for PSplus. There are also some games missing, I’ll check in later with more games.

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