Xbox One: All the Answers [Comic]



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  1. FUck no, i dont want fuckin “big brother” in my home, AND Microsoft is 100% “Sorta-ish” hackeable beetween “always” and “sometimes” sooo no. Congratz Microcock, you blew it again (just like the first time).

    • that is HILARIOUS that you had to google how to cancel the auto renewal. Like it’s some secret that you had to lurk in some forums to figure out.

  2. Injury to insult: Xbox One already alienated its fanbase right off the bat with its controversial features — flash forward to right now, with the whole NSA scandal and the PRISM thing — now nobody in the right mind would buy an Xbox One! I’ll stick to my N64, thank you.

  3. If any of this is true then I won’t be buying the Xbox One.

    I understand companies are concerned about people stealing their content but this is getting ridiculous. If I need the internet to play your system or game then I am not going to buy it. Hence why I haven’t purchased Dialbo 3 because I want to play the game when I have time and I might not be at a internet connection at the time (ie. in a airplane) or the internet might be slow at the time thus ruining my gameplay.

    I have as of late begun dusting off my vintage game systems…. you know that ones that work when you want them too……No internet, no licensing fee, unlimited sharing and borrowing and are just plain fun and enjoyable to play without having to have HD graphics. Most modern games while pleasing to the eye are boring as heck after a few hours and are easy as heck with constant saving options. Most modern gamers would break down sobbing if they had to play vintage megaman because it would be to difficult for them because they can’t save every 5 seconds.

    Video game companies have lost their way.

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