Ferrite: The Lava Lamp of the 21st Century [Video]

Created by designer David Markus, Ferrite has to be one of the coolest desk toys I’ve ever seen.

The ultimate desktop accessory, Ferrite provides hours of interactive entertainment at work and at home.

Explore magnetism like never before!

Lines of flux from the two included custom magnetic styli are easily viewed through the crystal clear borosilicate glass.

A sleek CNC’d aluminum base provides stability, ensuring a stunning presentation of the contained Ferrofluid.

The proprietary clear suspension liquid guarantees a long lifetime of stain free, highly detailed spiking action from the fluid; no easy feat!

Launched on Kickstarter, significant design, engineering and development was required to produce this high-tech sculpture. Now available to the public, only a limited number of units of this initial batch will be sold.

Ferrite is a ferrofluid art piece Designed, Manufactured, and Hand Assembled in the USA.

Intended for use by adults age 18 and up.



2 Responses to Ferrite: The Lava Lamp of the 21st Century [Video]

  1. sorry but no.. cool toy yes, but lava lamps work on their own.
    If they were to add a few cycling and shifting magnetic fields to this with an adjustable speed, frequency, and strength… then you’re closer to a lava lamp, and that would be even more epic

    • Yeah, it’s a neat idea, but it’s the kind of thing that I’d play with for a few minutes then never touch again. Would be something cool to find in a science museum until someone broke the magnets, though.