Get Serenity or the TARDIS (And Other Cool Fictional Vehicles) On Your Garmin GPS


Yep, you’ve read that headline right. The picture you see above was sent to Nathan Fillion by Browncoat Greg H, and if you’ve got a Garmin GPS, the only thing you need to do to have Serenity navigating the ‘verse for you is to put the ship’s image file to your GPS’s vehicles folder.


Edit: I’m updating my Garmin NĂ¼vi right now. I’ll post a pic right after I’m done.

Edit 2: You can also get the TARDIS, the Batmobile, the Millennium Falcon, and many others right here. (Thanks Tophe!)

Edit 3: Here’s my new vehicle!


[Serenity Image File for Garmin GPSs | Via]