6 Ways the World Wasn’t Built for Lefties [Video]

The world just wasn’t designed for lefties. This senseless oppression must come to an end!



8 Responses to 6 Ways the World Wasn’t Built for Lefties [Video]

  1. As a righty who has learned Hebrew, I can empathize with the pencil/notebook thing.

    The can-opener boggles me though. How much fine motor control do you need to open a can of beans? If righties can use their left’s to type the “QWERTASDFGZXCV and B” keys, keep the car in the lane while shifting gears, form chords with a guitar, and modulate the clutch on a motorcycle, surely you can turn a lever?

    • The point wasn’t that it was difficult. I believe that to be an exaggeration, since I never have a problem with can openers. The point is, that 95% of everything is designed for righties over lefties.

  2. Is it considered irony that they used “right” state of mind song to support lefties? I’m ambidextrous so I reckon I can relate somewhat, lol.

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