World’s Fastest Typer [Video]

Is that smoke I see coming from under his fingers?

[Via UD]

5 Responses to World’s Fastest Typer [Video]

  1. Notice he’s mainly hitting the arrow keys, and probably just a few keys on the keyboard that are more or less muscle memory from repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again. i wouldn’t declare him the world’s fastest, but he’s way more efficient than some other people doing this type of job (i’m looking at you, lady at social services)

    • Exactly. He is barely using the keyboard at all. He is just fast at doing a very specific task. Which as you said, looks like a lot of the same numbers and arrows. And given that he uses mostly his right now, I somehow doubt he’s all that fast at typing sentences in the traditional sense.

  2. In my book he’s not the fastest typer, but he surely is the luckiest desk clerc to have software that can keep up with him. I mean I could probably get, as some other pointed out, the muscle mmory to fill in forms like that, but I can tell you that many places where I worked, I could not get a software that would handle that speed of input!

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