Interactive 3D Model of the Xbox One

The Xbox One will probably not be available until Q4 2013, but in the meantime, you can check it out, in all its VHS-ish glory, from every possible angle in this interactive 3D model of the console. Just use your mouse to rotate the console around, and the scroll wheel to zoom in and out a specific view.

[Source: Sketchfab | Via Technabob]


3 Responses to Interactive 3D Model of the Xbox One

  1. Microsoft marketing team, “Hey neat new Xbox One. I see it’s black in color. Lets post all pictures of it on a nearly all black background. It will be like a ninja. It will also hide the fact that it looks like a 1980’s VHS player.”

  2. Yep, from all angles, it’s just a simple boring black box. I’ve seen better design aesthetic on a common house brick. Plus the controller looks like the oversized chunky old Xbox ones, from the early 00’s.

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