One Last Compilation… [Comic]


As far as coding goes, I haven’t been in this situation for years, but I’ve ran into that problem several times while reading a good book or playing Skyrim.

[Source: Manu Cornet – Bonkers World]

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  1. The Lament of the Unknown Programmer

    No program is perfect / They said with a shrug. / “The customer is happy, / What’s one little bug?”
    But he was determined. / The others went home. / He dug out the flowcharts; / Deserted. Alone.
    Chain smoking, cold coffee, / Logic, deduction: / “I’ve got it!”, he said, / “Just change one instruction!”
    Then two. Then three more. / As year followed year, / Old timers would ask, / “Is that guy still here?”
    He died at the keyboard / From hunger and thirst. / Next day, he was buried / Face down, nine-edge first.
    His wife, through her tears, / Consoling her fate, / Said, “He’s not really gone, / He’s just … working late.”

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