Death Star Destroys Enterprise (Special Edition) [Video]


So geeks, who would win in a battle, the Galactic Empire or the Federation? Also, I’d want to see a movie where Khan and his 72 friends are unleashed upon the Death Star.

Thanks Daniel!


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  1. Wait if Star Wars is Marvel then Star Trek should be DC …. then I would say the Enterprise with help of Superman would win easily!

  2. In a straight-up slugging match the Empire wins easily. However, in a proper match the Enterprise wins through the use of speed. The Empire’s shields won’t stop photon torpedoes (note how small craft can approach any of the Empire’s ships, not just the Death Star) while the Empire can’t hit anything maneuvering in warp. The Enterprise just goes peck, peck, peck until a photo torpedo gets something vital and they can take out the focusing dish for the superlaser on the first shot.

  3. Empire wins. The resources available to the Federation are simply minuscule compared to the Empire; it’s not a fair fight.
    Add in that Star Wars ships are orders of magnitude more powerful. Boba Fett’s Slave I, which is a souped-up Firespray-class (a police cruiser), has more powerful weapons available to it than the Enterprise, which is one of the most advanced warships of the Federation fleet. When one guy’s police car can beat up the other guy’s aircraft carrier, there’s a serious power imbalance. When just a couple of the heavy turbolasers on a Star Destroyer can do more damage than all the ordinance a Federation warship carries, and the Empire has 25,000 Star Destroyers and thousands of other warships of different types and the Federation carries a small percentage of that amount, it’s clear that the Empire is the only reasonable choice.
    As for the Federation’s warp capacity, that helps their ships in a ship-to-ship fight; it would be hard for Imperial ships to lock on and destroy Federation ships while the latter were flying around at Warp speed. However, hyperdrive is insanely faster than Warp is; Star Destroyers can fly into the space around a Federation planet before any Federation ships even know they’re coming, launch enough weapons to turn the planet’s surface into slag, and then leave. If you destroy the population of the Federation, you don’t need to destroy their fleets.

  4. sure, but the Enterprise against the Death Star is not an even fight… now a few borg cubes however…
    The dialog to that one would be hilarious as well.

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