Star Wars vs Doctor Who clash ends with everyone a loser


Police were called to a science fiction convention in the United Kingdom after a clash between Star Wars fans and men dressed as Doctor Who.

Thankfully for the event, if not the story, police concluded reports of a physical assault had been overblown.

The trouble took place at the fourth Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention, organized by the locally-based Norwich Star Wars Club. The star attractions were four actors who played bounty hunters in The Empire Strikes Back, most notably Jeremy Bulloch who was inside the Boba Fett costume

Original reports of the incident suggested an invasion by an army of Doctor Who fans. In reality four men from the Norwich Sci-Fi Club attended the event with the intention of getting autographs from Bulloch (who appeared in two 1970s Doctor Who episodes) and Graham Cole, who made numerous appearances as monsters in Doctor Who in the early 1980s but is better known in the UK for playing Tony Stamp in the police drama The Bill.

It appears members of the Star Wars Club and the Sci-Fi Club have a history of disagreements in the city. It’s not entirely clear whether the Sci-Fi Club members expected to receive a warm welcome, even though they were trying to get the autographs for a charity auction.

What is known is that treasurer Jim Poole was dressed in a Sci-Fi Club t-shirt, while he was accompanied by another member, dressed as the Fifth Doctor. However, two men who came to the building with them, dressed as Judge Dredd and the Tenth Doctor, waited outside.

An argument then ensued and Poole called police, who interviewed witnesses before concluding there was no cause for further action.¬†They labeled the altercation “very minor.”

Both sides appear to have realized the incident got a little out of hand. Poole concluded that “It’s a bit sad and pathetic” while Norwich Star Wars Club secretary Dominic Warner noted “People that dress up in costume are labelled geeks and some people laugh at us, and this just makes it even more so.”

The two sides are looking into having a meeting to settle the bad blood. However, Poole notes that if there’s still the potential for trouble by the time his club holds its own convention in September, he may hire uniformed security guards.

My money’s on Imperial Stormtroopers.