Epic Blood Angels Space Marine Costume [Video]

From Youtuber Pilerud:

I scratch built this Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Blood Angel Tactical Sergeant, 7th company, 9th squad, costume as a fan. About 400 hours in making, spread over 10 months. The current weight is 25 kg. Height: About 215 cm/7′ (I am about 183 cm/6′ without armor). (To be able to move around easier and be able to use my own hands, the size is a compromize between proper SM size and a normal human.) Method: Pepakura (foam+hot glue) and some modifications to make it look more like the miniatures. And some aluminum rods, and screws and electronics. Cost of materials: At the present about 2500€.


[Via UD]

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