It’s BATMATH: Batman > Superman AND Iron Man [Pic]


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11 Responses to It’s BATMATH: Batman > Superman AND Iron Man [Pic]

  1. Superman trains boxing, was taught fighting by Batman and knows kryptonian martial arts though…
    And how to use a sword. (he makes his own sword in an arc where he was without powers)
    He also trained with Mongul II.
    And he traveled the world as Clark Kent learning various martial arts, along with boxing, wrestiling etc. Supposedly he’s been boxing world champion at one point.
    Superman > Batman

  2. Don’t ignore the fact that Tony Stark was taught to fight by Captain America, and without his money, Bruce Wayne would have never gotten his martial arts training. Yeah, Batman’s got nothing.

  3. An emp wouldn’t work on Iron Man. So unless he gets into a fight with superman he would crush batman. All he needs is the Extremes armor. Unless Batman could fight at the speed of sound and get near Iron Man without him being detected (which is damn near impossible even with magic) his finished.

  4. Bunch of butt hurts on here complaining because they’ve only just realised Batman is awesome

  5. Sorry Mike, but it looks like you’re the one with the raw cornhole here. People are simply pointing out errors in the ‘logic’ used, but you act like someone stole you ‘My Favorite Pony’ doll. Good god, try not to take it so personally… we’re talking about fictional comic book characters here!

  6. Granted the EMP part is wrong, but the main thing this is trying to say is that without what makes them super heroes batman would win. so Wayne vs Stark is a no brainer, whether stark was trained by cap am or not, Wayne has superior fighting skills.
    Wayne vs a human Kent though…. could be a close one. With no powers Clark Kent is still a mountain of a man, and if I remember correctly, he is trained in lots of earthly hand to hand combat styles as well as at least one from Krypton. I’d still have to bet on Kent I’m afraid.