The Wildplaces Cosplay Photography Project: First Batch of Pictures!


A few weeks ago, I told you guys about Anna Fischer‘s awesome kickstarter project, The Wild Places, where Anna wanted to take cosplay photography out of conventions and into the slot canyons, plateaus, rapids and mountains of Arizona. Unsurprisingly, the project got funded (it septupled its original goal) and the first batch of picture is already out. You can check them all out below, and as soon as Anna sends the rest, I’ll post them on the site.

Oh, and one last thing, since I donated a fairly large amount to the project, I’m supposed to get a disposable camera that got passed around during the trip. I’ll make sure to have the pictures developed and scanned (to share with you guys) as soon as the camera arrives in the mail.

[Source: Anna Fischer – The Wild Places | Anna Fischer on Flickr | Anna Fischer on Facebook]