Windows 8 Repair Tool [Picture]


Yep, that looks about right.

[Via MUO]


5 Responses to Windows 8 Repair Tool [Picture]

  1. I’m normally the computer repair guy for my family and some friends but I refuse to work on anything with Windows 8 on it. I think the next time any of them ask me to work on their Windows 8 machine, I will just show them this picture.

  2. im a unix man myself. but having used win 8 for 2 years its actually a very good ms outing more secure and stable then all prior ms outings . just cause you are not used to something or understand it , does not mean u bash it. pre judge

  3. I do not understand all this hate regarding Windows 8. I can see some hesitation due to Metro UI, but I have not had any problems. It is faster than Windows 7. The search functionality improved. I am a keyboard junky I use all keyboard commands and rarely use my mouse for navigation. If you are a mouse monkey I can see the issue with Metro. I just do not see the problems that others I have no problems with anything regarding Windows 8. I started using due to a team at work getting Windows 8 so I had to get used troubleshooting it. We really have not had any major issues that did not stem from user stupidity.