Which Type of Geek Are You? [Pic]

What category (or categories) of geek do you fall into? And surely there are a few missing right? What do you think? Which ones resonate with you? Which ones are missing?

I particularly love the Cosplay Geek.


[By Scott Johnson | Buy the print from The Frogpants Store for $12.95]


51 Responses to Which Type of Geek Are You? [Pic]

    • We’re all just D&D geeks, apparently — signified by the way we like to stand around holding up a blank piece of tri-fold cardboard in front of our faces.

      • Ok ok, we can keep food. But do we need both mobile and gadgets?

        I also want to say that I really appreciate fantasy football being on the list.

      • Also I don’t think Podcast Geek is really a thing. Geeks with podcasts are always one of the other kinds of geeks, just with a podcast.

  1. I’m a “Can’t read tiny print” geek.
    Also, no Whedon geek? (Joss)
    And there really should be a lot more women geeks in there.

    • Agreed. It’s pretty insulting to have so few female geeks in this picture when females represent a larger percentage of geeks than that.

      • This. This times ten. To say nothing of the fact that the few females that are represented here are the obligatory sexualized geek stereotypes. Meme fail.

        • Yup. Also, where’s the diversity? Based on this picture, only white people are geeks…and we know that’s not true.

  2. Stephen King Geek? Firefly Geek? Game of Thrones Geek? I am the first and appreciate the others…there are WAY too many that could be added…what about Political Geek?

    • Stephen King = book
      Firefly = TV
      Game of Thrones = TV

      And for the record, Dr Who is also in the TV category. Broad terms are already there

      • But there are so many specifics in there (e.g., Tron Geeks, Scrapbook Geek (?!)) and while I am a huge fan of Doctor Who (doctors 9 and 10), I watch no other TV, so a broad TV category doesn’t work. Besides geekdom is pretty much by definition a niche thing.

  3. There are a lot of homebrewer and microbrew fans that would be offended that BEER GEEKS were not represented! :-)

    • Absolutely! I checked the list specifically for that bit of geekdom. With it included, I’d be up to a nice round 20 out of that list.

      Also, why not just have a Miniatures Geek instead of only representing Warhammer?

      Damn, 21.

  4. No Doctor Who, Firefly , startgate twilight *spits*, Steampunk, Hacker, network, Tesla, Beer, or wine Geeks. I have to ask WTF is a “Bargain Bin Geek”

    • I am a bargain bin geek thou shalt find me at the nearest yard sale ogle-ing the kitschy collectibles and funky (yet well maintained) 70’s print couch.

  5. This was not made for a meme site, it’s a webcomic from myextralife.com . He never said all the geeks were portrayed, he just drew some examples.

    There’s also a 42 Robots and a 56 Zombies list.

  6. This seems like it wasn’t drawn by an actual geek, or it was too ambitious.

    Whomp Whoooomp.

  7. I’m just gonna agree with the above about missing geek types. And also to the whole ‘white dudes only’ thing. I counted only three females and one androgynous figure in that picture. :/

    Also can we have ‘costume geek’? (And no, not entirely the same as the ‘cosplay geek’. Costume geek is about the art of making a costume; cosplay is about wearing it/becoming your character and show it off). In my mind the costume geek would probably be concentrated on sewing a costume. XD

  8. Dear Whoevermadethis,

    Only three women :(

    Computer, TV, Movie, Book, Video Games, Fitness, Gadget and General Geek who happens to have boobs

  9. Apparently, I’m not any kind of geek, since I’m a woman who doesn’t cosplay, scrapbook, or do Ren Faires. Also, I’m not thin and sexy like the girl geek on the banner. Nice.

  10. OMG get off the PC soapbox, some guy did a fun drawing. If he had more women you would be complaining about how he stereotyped them instead. Not everything people draw, paint, write, or photograph is hashed out into little pie charts to make everyone happy. Lesson of the day: get over yourselves and enjoy the moment of humor this person took the time to give you. *whiny bitches* ~Cheers

    [no homosapien gender, orientation, pantone # or race is being referred too by the use of bitches or whiny in this phrase, the above mentioned comment is meant to be as diversely applied as possible to comment posters and not applied solely to one or just a few groups, no animals were hurt during the typing of this comment or in the production of said comment]

    • That’s very easy for you to say, Chad. You don’t have to constantly prove your geek cred, or have it questioned, ignored, challenged, and belittled.

    • “Not everything people draw, paint, write, or photograph is hashed out into little pie charts to make everyone happy.”

      Well, that’s the problem, really. Women make up slightly more than 50% of the population of this planet, yet there are only 3 here in 56 examples. No one’s asking for a pie chart, but near complete erasure is unnecessary. And that’s not even mentioning the utter lack of anyone non-white. Geekdom is supposed to be inclusive, not a hostile boys’ club where no one but white dudes feel welcomed.