Everything Wrong with Iron Man in 4 Minutes or Less [Video]

In honor of the release of Iron Man 3, we decided to revisit the first entry in the franchise. We found some sins in it, as we do with all movies.

[Cinema Sins]


6 Responses to Everything Wrong with Iron Man in 4 Minutes or Less [Video]

  1. Sorry, but this is incredibly stupid.

    For example, a three hour drive to Malibu? First of all, why wouldn’t she want to spend three hours hanging out with Tony Stark? Being in his company isn’t exactly boring. Second, Tony Stark doesn’t drive to Malibu. He takes a private jet. What do you think he is, a millionaire? He’s a billionaire.

  2. I agree with Uncanny. Over-all I would accept maybe handful of these “sins” as actual flaws or goofs in story-line. If you’re looking to tally real goofs lookup the same movie on IMDb.com categorized as Goofs and/or Trivia.

  3. Agreed, some of these aren’t sins. But what about his suit storing that anti tank missle in the arm when it clearly is way to big in that section of the armor?

  4. All of the “Everything wrong with…” videos seem to include a lot of things that aren’t actual sins, just for the sake of taking faux-offense and being able to fill time in the video.
    Not that certain ones don’t have some legitimate sins, too, of course, but…

  5. I agree with all of the above, this was a waste of time to watch this video, bad on me and a huge waste of time to make it, bad on you!!

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