Sexy, Stylish Chainmail Leggings [Pics]

Based in Vancouver, Canada, MITMUNK specializes in printed leggings, t-shirts, and 1″ buttons.

According to their website, MITMUNK “love[s] vintage illustrations, etchings, lithographs, serigraphs; the way ink sits on paper; blacks and grays and whites.”  All these elements are indicative  in their designs.

chainmail leggings chainmail leggings 2

Their anatomical leggings (muscles!) are creepy-cool. Check out all their leggings here.

MITMUNK also has an Etsy store.

[Via ixhaku]


One Response to Sexy, Stylish Chainmail Leggings [Pics]

  1. Any fan of fantasy art knows that women don’t wear chainmail leggings. The chainmail bikini is all the rage. LOL!