Amazing Tomb Raider Reborn Cosplay by Ana Aesthetic [Pictures]


[GAS] writer Ana Aesthetic has done it again, she has created an almost perfect incarnation of the new edition of Lara Croft. Kudos to Darrell from BGZ studios for these awesome photos.

The new Tomb Raider game that was released recently has had a huge amount of praise and great reviews all around. Cosplay for Lara Croft has been expanding greatly and a lot of amazing ones are out there and a lot of excellent photographers have captured the character. I have always wanted to get a cosplayer to roll around in the mud and splash around in disgusting creek water – wait.. Did I really just say that?

I first saw this cosplay at a local Con, MTAC, and immediately got very interested. The Cosplayer is Ana Aesthetic and you have have seen her on my blog and pages before – I seriously had no idea she could pull off a Lara Croft so well.


[Ana Aesthetic on Facebook | BGZ Studios]


3 Responses to Amazing Tomb Raider Reborn Cosplay by Ana Aesthetic [Pictures]

  1. good pics but bad cosplay. Lara Croft has big boobs and doesn’t use a 1911 .45 pistol.

  2. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring it up under new analysis, since the game is now released and you can judge it yourself, but it seems this topic is destined to disappear like it never existed. Remember when people were calling out Crystal Dynamics for submitting to sexism when the only thing we knew about the ‘rape’ scene was that it existed? Christ. I hate what political correctness does to the media, And now no one is going to admit they were wrong about Tomb Raider? I just finished the game and thought it was absolutely stunning, and the scene in question was like one QTE out of the whole ~15 hour experience, and I felt it was a very appropriate sequence.

    I feel guilty as a male for bringing this up, but I don’t think CD did anything wrong.

    EDIT: Excellent read:–Crystal-Dynamics-deserves-an-apology-from-gamers-for-hasty-Tomb-Raider-controversy