Gravely ill Cosplayer Needs YOUR Help: Callie Cosplay

Callie Cosplay

This came across my desk this morning, and I just want to do my part to help a fellow cosplayer in need. Meet Callie. Callie is going through some really rough medical issues, and the doctors still are trying to diagnose her. As a young girl in college and without insurance, she is struggling to pay for her healthcare. She has a donation page set up, but you can also purchase prints to help offset the costs of medical bills and student loans. In her own words, Callie describes what she is going through:

“I lost insurance a while back before I needed a surgical procedure so the doctors could rule out lymphoma or another type of cancer. I saw 8 doctors who told me I needed to have the surgery, and was in and out of 3 hospitals frantically trying to find someone who would remove a lymph node before I got worse. All of the doctors were throwing around the “cancer” word while they kept ruling out everything else through seemingly endless amounts of blood work. I lost insurance officially back in November 2012, 7 hours before my scheduled surgery. The one that was supposed to rule out the scary thing the doctors kept telling my family and me. I have only gotten worse since then. My immune system has completely shut down, and all of my lymph nodes are still swollen. I continue to get worse in health, as the doctors cannot do the right procedures to figure out what is wrong with me due to the fact I am unable to afford all of the expenses. I am in pain all the time, and my body hurts so much it is hard to function in everyday life. I have endometriosis on top of this and have struggled with depression about my medical issues, and my overall health and well being. I have gone through hell and back, been stuck with needles hundreds of times and with no answers at all, aside from the fact that yes, something is seriously wrong.”


If you want to do something to help out an amazing costumer, pick up one of her gorgeous prints or leave a few dollars to help offset the costs of her medical bills!

Editor’s Note: After I asked Meredith to write this piece up, she verified if the story was true by talking to people who personally know Callie, and they confirmed the fact that she was really sick.

Black Widow: David Love
Black Cat: John Corley

[Donation Page | Via GeekXGirls]


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  1. Shouldn’t she get a job and/or drop out of college before hitting up the internet for money? I’m in pain all the time and can’t afford a doctor either, but I’m not begging for money, I’m working 40 hours a week.

    • The original article on geekgirls states that she was working 3 minimum wage jobs. She’s not out of college yet, and certainly, dropping out won’t help things either. You seem to have a real lack of understanding of economics.

      • If you can’t afford college and your healthcare, it’s time to make a choice. She’ll make more than minimum wage if she works full time, as long as she can type. Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        • Who’s to say she’s not working full-time either with one of the jobs or all together? It’s not unusual to work full-time and go to collage. Plus, dropping collage may actually be more expensive for her at the moment, depending on rather she has loans (which could require an immediate payback) or scholarships (which could end early without a chance of reapplying). While she does have a donation page up, she’s not just “hitting up the internet for money,” since she’s also selling prints as well.

    • Well your a lovely person arn’t you.

      It’s people like you that are so kind and giving and full of compassion that make me proud to be a human…

    • I’m sorry you are in pain, but I’m more concerned that you lack any empathy to another person in need. Don’t be a douche.

  2. Something is fishy here. Hospitals are not a cash and carry business. They cannot legally refuse care, however they are happy to bill you for years to come. As someone who has been in and out of hospitals my whole life I am acutely aware of this.

  3. I don’t know much about American healthcare, but surely if someone was 7 hours away from surgery, it would still go ahead?

    How do you ‘lose’ insurance in the middle of a day? Surely it’s paid for ahead/monthly?

    I’m confused, not trolling. I wish her all the best.

    Maybe she should use the money to fly over here to the UK and walk into a hospital and use our NHS!

    • Only thing I can think of is her surgery was scheduled for the first day after her insurance ran out for sometime in the morning. Which would really stink if that’s the case. :(

    • We’re the land of the corporation, and insurance is run by what is effectively a cartel that exists to collect in premiums as much as it can, and pay as little in claims as possible.

    • You have a right to be confused, because that’s not how insurance works over here. She got bad advice. You don’t just “go in for surgery”, unless it’s emergent care (ie. ER/critical care). If she was scheduled for a procedure, which she was, then the surgery was approved already by her provider. She could have gone ahead and had it and her insurance would still be on the hook for the bill. Even if it meant a lot of red tape or haggling with the hospital’s billing department and the insurance company, if it was ME in that situation I would have shown up for the procedure anyhow and sorted out the details later.

      That said, even if she had to cash-pay, it’s not as expensive as people think. Oh sure, the amounts charged to insurance companies are ridiculously high. But you’d be surprised what you can negotiate on your own. My first child cost our insurance company $100,000+. When we had our 2nd child, we were without insurance at the time, and negotiated my wife’s hospital and OB bill down to a paltry $3600. They billed us monthly, and we paid it off before my son’s 1st birthday.

      • If she has medicaid then they could cancel simply on a HMO change…happened to me twice. Was driving a 2 hour drive in for an outpatient surgery, insurance switched from Medipass to Healthies, and they didnt accept healthies for these types of surgeries…still waiting for the surgery…And no they don’t have to do the surgery unless it is Life threatening…such as you are bleeding everywhere and if they don’t do something now, you die…Diagnostic surgeries, and labs are not 100 percent necessary, so a hospital can Opt-out due to insufficient funds…by all means i say support her..and to the ass above who says they are in pain and work 40 hours a week…good for you, do you have cancer..cause honestly from the sounds of it, they are basically assuming its that, hoping she can afford the biopsy or removal of the cancerous lymph nodes…

  4. Regardless of whether she is ‘gravely ill’ or not, if you like her prints, buy one. They appear to be well done and she appears to be a skilled cosplayer.
    Skeptics abound, but occasionally stories do turn out to be true.

  5. My wife is a nurse. One of my closest friends is a world-renowned surgeon. I have 1 child with a serious medical condition. And I personally have a genetic abnormality that has caused premature arthritis in my knees. So I know the a thing or two about surgery, insurance and hospitals.

    While I don’t doubt Callie is sick–and my heart goes out to her–she is either getting bad advice or is mis-informed. For all of our healthcare woes in the US, there’s no such thing as an American citizen (assuming she is) not being able to get life-saving, emergent, or even exploratory medical care due to lack of insurance in this country. Non-for-profit hospitals will treat you and bill you later. Millions of Americans don’t have insurance and negotiate cash-pay rates for medical treatment every day.

    She may very well be sick, and I don’t begrudge her turning to the internet for help (altho it wouldn’t be MY first choice). But either she isn’t educating herself enough about the realities here, or she’s not being fully transparent with everyone. I also agree that if she is so sick she cannot work to get insurance, then college needs to go on the back-burner while this gets sorted. There’s no shame in it. I’ve had friends drop out of college to have a baby or get married and then return later. Prioritizing is part of being a responsible adult. Sometimes life happens and you cannot expect a magic wand, or charity, to get you out of it. You have to do what’s necessary.

    • Except for the part where they won’t. My mother has stage 2 endometrial cancer. The best treatment is a complete hysterectomy. Except there isn’t a surgeon that will do it with out a down payment first. The lowest amount we have gotten is 2 grand. So yes, the hospital will bill on a sliding scale but the doctors won’t. And if she reached a cap in her insurance or missed a payment that ended her coverage this is all very likely and massively expensive.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, Western Europe has many flaws in it economic system, and is far from being perfect.. but at least this kind of situation simply do not exist here… Healthcare is covered by governments…

    I really cannot accept the idea that a young woman who is obviously willing to live (she study, she works) could die because she cannot afford an insurance that is apparently quiete expensive.

    I believe that such situation should not exist in the first world economic power.

    I feel sad for that girl, but also all the other person that might be in this situation

  7. I give money to causes that look for cures and try to help people with incurable diseases every year with as much as my family can afford, in the hopes that cures or at least treatments can be found. So now I should give to this one woman because she makes pretty costumes? Does knowing how to sew and loving comics make her more worthy than any of thousands of people caught in similar positions.

  8. No offense, but why do any of your judgments on the poor girl matter one way or the other? Do you get a thrill out of demeaning her hobbies or her or proving yourself right and making light of her situation? The facts are these, you either believe her or you don’t. You either donate or you don’t. That choice is up to you, I see no reason to assume she is a liar and to badmouth her. She isn’t asking you personally, she is indifferent to you, she is doing what she can to cope with a situation, if you don’t like it, then leave.

  9. How old is she? With the new healthcare laws she should be able to get on her parents insurance until 25

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