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8 Responses to superheroines-1

  1. It’s great to see someone finally realizing that these ladies can look good without the childish accoutrements, i.e. power girl’s exposed breasts, vampirella’s basically nude form. These ladies look rocking with or without their standard costumes

  2. Many of the costumes for DC have already been redone in the “New-52” and aren’t as revealing – i.e., Wonder Woman, Supergirl, etc. The art itself that this artist did is nice, but most don’t work for me. Most came across like inserting baggy pants for the sake of baggy pants.

  3. i love the idea as well as a few of the designs but some look like they just forgot to take off their sweatpants. Maybe redesign part of the costume?

  4. I especially love how the body types expressed on these women are significantly more realistic than those usually portrayed in the comic industry!!

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