Fully Clothed Superheroines [Pictures]


Some cool fully dressed redesigns of various superheroines by artist Michael Lee Lunsford:

Point of this: An exercise in character design, attempting to clothe the heroines nearly all the way and not making them painted-on, while still keeping the look of their original costumes in some way. Hopefully keeping them looking as iconic as the originally were. Just showing what can be done with a costume breaking outside the barrier of the norm.

NOT the point of this: some moral code I’m trying to push on you.

[Source: Michael Lee Lunsford | Via Geek Tyrant]

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  1. the depiction of wonder woman looks like a midget. some of these redesigns don’t do the characters justice. look men wear skimpy tight stuff in comics too and it can be argued that it instills a bad self image for men too considering few men are that physically fit. it’s just comic books. they are meant to be fantasy and to be joyful entertainment. spandex forever!

  2. Just looks like mostly putting the girls in slacks lol I mean could you make Wonder Woman at least wear BLUE slacks? LOL

  3. Most of these are really well designed, though there are some questionably designed pants. Still, it’s good to see these sexy ladies in something that could actually protect them from debris. These are probably warmer and much more comfortable to wear for hours on end. Might I also suggest, if we’re talking about practicality in super hero costuming, that the ladies also have their hair pulled back? And to those complaining that men are ALSO subject to tight, impractical, spandex I won’t argue because they are. I would like to point out, however, that they are generally covered in more than two square inched of it. Not so for our plucky heroines. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a lovely lady as much as the next guy/gal, but I tend to be taken out of a story a little when I’m wondering how on earth the characters function in their uniform.

  4. Why do superheroes have to dress like hookers, anyway? What if we worried more about the stories and characters than how little clothing they could wear?

  5. Have you ever been really physically active, like in a long, drawn-out fight? You get hot, very hot, and unless your super power is body temp adjustment you’ll want some exposed skin to keep from overheating. Look at female joggers, are they fully dressed? And stage performers, with all the hot lights and bad ventilation, fishnet stockings lets their legs breath rather than sweat up. Go observe real women in the real world doing highly active stuff _then_ rant and rave about superhero costumes.

    Also, Power Girl gets her powers from sunlight. How is being fully dressed supposed to help her recharge?

      • I’m not hating, just pointing out that when some people take offense and go to the opposite extreme they’re just as unrealistic.

        • sorry sugar, but you were the only one here ranting and raving.
          :) But decent points. However, I think that given many of said heroes have some sort of flying ability, a warmer uniform would be better suited …. OOOH Snap pants! Omg – warm for flying and patrolling, but easily removeable for tactical purposes!!!
          Tactical snap pants!!!
          Snaptical pants!!!

          Sorry, its late. I need to go to bed. lol

  6. This makes me think of Carmen Sandiego.

    Probably the only villian/hero character you won’t catch in a skimpy outfit.

  7. So many dumb haters. XD

    I like it! They actually look ready for battle, not like they’re about to go figure skating. Also, I think proportionally they’re fine, they just look a bit bulkier… cause fighters.

    People are dumb. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  8. Many of the female characters in comics are too sexualized, but most of these are definitely not any better. You’re hitting the other end of the spectrum and going into unrealistically frumpy. Elektra, Psylocke and Black Canary are good. Form following function, but the rest just look really out of place. As though adding ill-fitting pants to Wonder Woman and Supergirl’s existing costumes somehow make them better.

    I always prefer form-fitting, flexible costumes for comic book characters. Male or female.

  9. I really like the concept! The only two designs I’m not digging so much are for Psylocke and Elektra…mostly just for personal reasons, so everything I’m about to say is TOTALLY subjective. Please ignore at your convenience.

    I really liked the New Exiles outfit for Psylocke…all decked out in that black plate armor. So cool. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Psylocke_New_Exiles.jpg

    As for Elektra, I think the costume would be awesome without the bandanna–but then again, I hated the bandanna here too…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Elektra_3.jpg

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