Sexy Sonic Screwdriver Tattoo [Pic]


Yep, never thought a tattoo featuring a Sonic Screwdriver could be that sexy.

[Via FG | Cheezburger]


11 Responses to Sexy Sonic Screwdriver Tattoo [Pic]

    • Or even 9’s. ;)

      I have a preference for 3’s, myself, but out of the newer ones, I do like 11’s. :)

  1. Godammit, you aren’t making my life any easier here. How are other women supposed to compare now?

  2. Yeah, in terms of basic coolness, Eleven’s is cooler, but I’m a Tenner all the way, so…

    Also, Ten’s and Nine’s sonic is the same sonic. Until he meets Martha, when he replaces it, but…

  3. I agree with AE; the linework is terrible, The colors are bleeding and there’s no depth to it. She’d have been better off getting an actual prop and wearing that tucked into a real garter.

  4. Great idea, TERRIBLE tattoo… I wouldn’t have paid a cent for it, and I definitely wouldn’t share it around the internet.