The Muppets + Pop Culture = Art WIN [Pictures]

The Muppets and pop culture seem to go hand-in-hand, especially since everyone’s felt friends have been around for decades, mingling with some of the biggest stars of past and present and starring in numerous parodies and homages.

Enter Kenny Durkin, artist, who also saw the Muppets pervading some of our most popular TV shows and movies.

The-Muppets-Pop-Culture-Mashup-1 The-Muppets-Pop-Culture-Mashup-2 The-Muppets-Pop-Culture-Mashup-3 The-Muppets-Pop-Culture-Mashup-4 The-Muppets-Pop-Culture-Mashup-5 The-Muppets-Pop-Culture-Mashup-6

[Kenny Durkin / Via HiConsumption]


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