The Wild Places Kickstarter: Taking Cosplay Photography Out of Conventions and Into Nature


Cosplay Photographer and long time [GAS] fan (and friend!) Anna Fischer, which I’m sure you all saw featured countless times here, is looking to take cosplay photography out of conventions and into the desert, but to do this, she needs a little help. Since I know how much you guys enjoy her work, I thought quite a few of you might be interested in helping her out with her project. So without further ado, I’ll let Anna explain everything you should know about her “Wild Places” kickstarter campaign.

I’m going to do everything I can to snatch one of those disposable camera perks, and I promise that if I get my hand on one, I’ll let you guys see the pictures.

Oh, and if Anna exceeds her funding goal, she will use the extra money to add more models, rent fancier and larger-format camera equipment, and get a bigger boat for the project too!

[Donate to Anna’s Wild Places’ Kickstarter Campaign]