Marvel Creates “The Blue Ear” To Help Hearing-Impaired Boy

Five-year-old Anthony Smith is deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other — but he doesn’t want to wear his blue hearing aid.


Because superheroes don’t wear hearing aids, he says.

Desperate, Anthony’s mom sent a letter to the general email address on the Marvel Comics website, inquiring as to if there were any superheroes that wore hearing aids.

She was not expecting a response, but a few weeks later, she received in the mail 2 comic book covers from artists Manny Mederos and Nelson Ribeiro, who had created comic book covers featuring…”The Blue Ear”!

The Blue Ear

“The Blue Ear” is a new honorary Avenger, inspired by Anthony, “whose blue earpiece gives him the power to hear a pin drop from the other side of a state.”

“Oh my God, it’s me!” Anthony said, when he saw the covers.

On March 5, little Anthony will also be the┬áspecial guest at an event at the Center for Hearing and Communication clinic in New York City…where he will get to meet Iron Man!

[Via KDVR]


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