CREEPY-COOL: Malleable Paper Sculptures Look Like Plaster Casts [Pictures & Video]

Beijing resident Li Hongbo is a sculptor.

But his myriad of white heads, bodies, and body parts are all made of glue paper — thousands of layers of it.

Each one is a arranged in a honeycomb-like lattice pattern and the result looks like plaster blocks.

Li Hongbo 1 Li Hongbo 2 Li Hongbo 3

Hongbo then whittles away each block with an electric saw until a 3-D, accordion-like piece remains, allowing him to morph, open, close, and twist it to his heart’s desire. Hongbo says the inspiration for this medium came from “traditional Chinese decorations known as “paper gourds” — ornaments that can be stored flat and opened into a variety of three dimensional forms.”

He currently has an exhibit at the Dominik Mersch Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

Click on the video below for a brief, yet detailed, jaw-dropping video.

[Via io9]

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