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  1. Assuming Anakin wasn’t busy enough with Jedi duties to even be present for most of the kid’s lives, if it wasn’t already not guaranteed that he would remain a Jedi from having this family, as only select few Jedi, often only the Masters, were allowed to have them. If he was still a Jedi, he would have only small margins of time. The rest would be patrolling the galaxy. As for her, more then likely she wouldn’t have tons of time for them either since she’s a representative in the Senate and would more then likely return to those duties after recuperation. Indeed, more then half the time, neither of them would probably be present which doesn’t make a happy family portrait. I know this is a bit satirical but it’s far from accurate…and a PSP? Come on man. At least act like you care about Star Wars, not just using it for a gag.

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