Finally: The Real Weight of Thor’s Hammer


Apparently Neil deGrasse Tyson decided to go ahead and crunch the numbers and tell us just how heavy Thor’s Hammer would be if it was indeed forged within a collapsing star – in elephants. According to his calculations, it would weigh as much as 300 billion elephants – now there’s a unit of weight that physicists should consider using more often.

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  1. Not possible… Using the average weight of an adult elephant at 16,500 lbs and you multiply that times 300 billion, you come up with the weight of 49,500,000,000,000 (lets just say 49 trillion pounds) the earth weighs about 6 septillion pounds (6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). So in essence we are talking about every time he throws his hammer and it strikes the earth it causing a dinosaur extinction level event. Not to mention that any villain or supervillain that it ever hit would have been vaporized instantly.

    • You are the sort of person that ruins childrens dreams everywhere. Theoretical scenario’s in which people have super powers are NOT meant to be taken seriously. Else i’d fear the slenderman everytime i go into a particularly dark forest, or sit on a vat of uranium :/

  2. Actually childhood dream chrusher, everything falls at the same speed no matter the weight. Therefor the only way to have a dinosaur extinction event would for it to fall from outer space.

    • while you’re right about the speed….. impact is FORCE, and force is mass times speed… so the poster is right ;) a 3 pound hit at 20 mph won’t hurt half as much as a car at that speed ;)

      F = (1/2) mass * speed * speed

  3. Thor’s hammer is magic and can only be lifted by “Those who are worthy.” Only three being have lifted it to my knowlege. Thor, Odin, and Captai America. Not even the Hulk can pick it up.

  4. The trade cards have spoken. Also if it weighed 49 trillion pounds then wouldn’t Earth’s orbit be knocked out of place or it’s rotation affected every time the hammer hit the ground? I’m sticking with the Uru metal and a magical affect on it.

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