You Don’t Understand SUCKER PUNCH [Video]

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  1. I did enjoy the movie honestly, it was not as bad as others think it was – well to me at least. Granted it was not great film in any-sense but it was different which is what I liked about it.

  2. Wasn't that that stripper show? Yeah I get it, it's a show about strippers in a crazy house right? Werent they the ones with vivid stripper imaginations? ;)

  3. It was "visually entertaining" which is what I expected – style over substance, and due to my low expectation, it actually had more substance then I thought it would. I did feel the first action sequence (giant samurai) was the strongest piece and it blew its load a bit early though. Hating this film is like riding a roller coaster and saying, "I didn't like that it moved around and went fast."

  4. This movie was absolutely great. When you use your mind to understand the message of the film and follow the twists and nuances of the story to see the bigger picture. The poster's opinion of the film is certainly spot on.

  5. I really don't get why people say this movie is terrible. I love it, and I get some people might not like it, but that's no reason to call it terrible.

  6. I thought this movie was great before I fully understood the depth of its complexity. I figured out most of the connections between the imaginary world and the real one, but honestly I had no idea that the entire thing was all in Sweet Pea's mind from the beginning. That's one layer I was very glad to understand through this video. Very well done, and yes – critics are idiots.

  7. He's pretending like he's had some epiphany that it's a defensive fantasy. As if no one else ever noticed that, and that it redeems the film.

    Even though he realized the movie has an underlying theme, it's still horribly made.
    Even though he's pointing out stupid plot pointers and even even plot holes. He can't make himself to admit that it's a horrible movie, because either he's stupid or he's a troll. I'm hoping for the latter.

    • Now this is what the film was actually about. This is what made Buffy, Kill Bill, and Cowboy Bebop good examples of positive feminist role-models, and why Sucker Punch just isn't.

  8. I like the movie, but there were scenes in this review that were NOT on the dvd copy that I bought. I'm a little disappointed. Those were important scenes that explained some of what was going on. That will be the last movie I buy from Walmart. I'm guessing they sold a censored copy or something.

    • I know, in the 3 times I watched the film (one of which on cinema) I never saw the scene with the highroller. Where did that come from?

  9. I can see merit in what hes saying. But non the less why would she defend her self by thinking she's in a worse place than she already is. It was a good film but nothing special.

  10. This was a fantastic movie. I have to admit, I'm pretty sure those who don't like or even hate it just don't understand it, just as most hatred is.

  11. I quite liked it, every movie doesn’t have to be Shakespeare to be good, i liked it for what it was and thats for pure eye candy!

  12. Wonderful how everyone assumes that the people who don't like, also "don't get it". The overwhelmingly present theme throughout the entire movie.

    This video makes it sound like the imagery and themes of the move, where so complex and mind-boggeling that people just didn't get it.
    Can't it be that they just find most the story in this movie a tad bland and uninspired.

    This idea has been done to death over and over, in tens of movies before. Hell you can compare this to "a midsummernights dream" by shakespear.

    There are two reasons people like this movie, they haven't seen many movies(so they think the story and themes are amazingly innovative or they like the visual(of which there are alose much better)).

    There are on the other hand quite a few more reasons to dislike it…

  13. I agree with the guy in the video. Sucker Punch is hugely under-appreciated and is one of the better movies I have seen. I do agree with his interpretation of the cultural/social ideas concerning men and women; I just completely disagree with his interpretation of the movie and characters or whether it was all in the mind or not. I believe Babydoll was real and used her feminity/psychological power over men to distract them so the other girls could complete their tasks. Babydoll dealt with there "distractions" by losing herself further into her mind and being a hero. The actual tasks and escape were real, but the action sequences and brothel themes are Babydoll's mind allowing her to cope with it and have the strength/conviction to succeed. Thanks for a different perspective though.

  14. Though i agree with most of Adam's observations and perspectives, there is something about this movie that i've never heard anyone touch on. The young boy (14ish?) that Sweetpea notices twice. I'm wondering if he isn't the main character. Even Adam says that Sweetpea never lets us see the real world -we're in her head the whole time. Imagine if the 14 year old boy is really the one dealing with extremely emotional trauma and we're inside his head. He's come up with sexy female characters to represent the many facets of his emotional self to deal with his pain in the only way he knows how.
    He's using strong but sexy female personas to slay the emotional dragons in his life, just like any teenage boy might. This movie isn't about the difference between empowerment and objectification as a glancing observation might deduce. That's just the surface, the superficiality.
    If this is true, then the real suckerpunch hasn't hit most obsevers yet.

    • I don't know, I've never used sexy female personas to visualize slaying the emotional dragons of my life…and I don't think many guys do.

  15. IMHO, He gets it.
    I rather liked this movie, and I was like 'how could everyone hate it so much', so I did some looking around on the internet. I discovered something interesting…
    A vast majority of the male reviewers hated it. Said it was exploitive.
    A vast majority of the female reviewers liked it. Many weren't sure exactly why.
    Overall it was panned as the male reviewers outnumbered the female reviewers by a fair margin.

    Many women, especially the feminist geek-girl types, found it empowering. Female sexuality as power. Female inner strength. Even strength in the battlefield sequences.

    I guess it's just a chick flick.

  16. there is a movie called Sleeping beauty with the actor who played baby doll. both movies sucker punch & sleeping beauty should be watched back to back. they strangely compliment each other! exploring similiar themes of human sexuality. warning though Sleeping Beauty is not for youngsters very NC17.

  17. I loved it for many reasons. The fact females actually were powerful and didn't men to save them was great. And of course I liked the varied CGI scenes. I didn't watch it expecting Oscar performances so its probably why I also liked it.

  18. A movie so convoluted that its "true story" wasn't deciphered by the gross majority of people who devote their lives to the understanding and interpretation of film is a bad movie no matter how much you think you cracked the code.

  19. His take is spot on. Though I thought it was pretty damn obvious.
    The fact that so many people, especially critics, couldn't look beyond the obvious is a poor reflection on the level of dross we've come to expect.

  20. sucker punch is my favorite film, i adore its layers and content, i dont know why its so harshly judged. i think it proves people cant/wont look past sexuality. why shouldnt we use our sexuality ,we are still in a male dominated world. we have all the power we need,now fight

  21. When it takes you over 10 minutes to explain why a movie doesn't suck, it probably means you're on the wrong side of the argument.

  22. lmfao, im gonna say it, "hipsters gon' hip"

    i havnt watched the video yet( when i do, i will probs repost or add an edit), but based on the responses i;ve read, he's just stating the obvious and trying to make it so deep that the meaning/message/form of art has been misintepreted by some people.i saw it on a hangover sunday(this is usually when i watch random ass movies) and was somewhat entertained, was expecting more nazi killing though.

  23. It was the funniest and most enjoyable motivational movie I have ever seen. I also appreciated the dramatic twist at the end. Sucker Punch is a movie that looks stupid/basic/childish/vulgar but is filled with a smart view on life. Paul Verhoeven has made a critically acclaimed carrier with that strange kind of vision. Why deny this quality to Zack Snyder?

  24. It's really not about if you "get it"…. I thought the movie was just plain dull. Watching the little clips in this screed reminded me why. And it's amazing for a film that has so much bombast and over the top over the topness, it never grabs you by the boo-boos and makes you care. The acting would have to improve by several levels to be considered bad.

    I actually watched this movie twice because I forgot I watched it the first time. Or maybe I just fell asleep. And this is from someone who loves some Russ Meyer, Nude nuns with big guns… I have no problem with trash cinema. Heck, I've even ironically enjoyed a Uwe Boll film or two.

  25. Don't you guys get it? If a movie creates this much controversy with a love verse hate reaction, it's normally a really good movie. Like the movie Brazil and Citizen Kane. I took a film class in college and we watched movies very similar to this. It had multiple layers to appeal to the intellectuals, students, and kids, whatever. Even though we hated watching them at first we started to think on another level. People hated Brazil, and couldn't stand it because it was different, but it's one of the best movies of all time; Citizen Kane is another example. Criterion collection movies, basically ruined how I watch movies today. Just like Sucker Punch ruined you, like it took something out of you. I now see a fair amount of Hollywood movies as sucking because its the same thing over and over again. Guy fights for girl, girl gets saved, happy endings, blah blah blah. Movies like this engage you to think, to get you to that extra layer to observe something different. (Different than basic Hollywood crap). That is what creating film is about, doing something that has not been done before, whether it sucks or it's good, it's different. To me that is what makes a good movie. Sucker Punch has a plus in my book because it pisses people off, and for that, I commemorate it.

  26. I’m not sure I could possibly mention this film in the same breath as Citizen Kane, or even Brazil, but I do believe it’s underrated. It’s a perfect example of style over substance; Cool images with a paper thin plot. The extended cut available on the Blu ray does some to address the imbalance but it’s still not going to win any retrospective Oscars because of it. But hey, any film with dragons, samurai, robots and sexy ass-kicking babes is going to get my vote!

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