The Home Office of 2001 as Imagined in 1967 [Video]

This short clip comes from the March 12, 1967 episode of the CBS show “The 21st Century,” which attempted to take a peek at the home of the future.

[Matt Novak | Via LS]

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    • No, but no where in the report does he say 2001, that is something that the video title added. Cronkite only said 21st century.

  1. Funny enough…

    I just watched this on my home PC while working on my laptop.. (I'm an analyst performing a data extraction remotely – got tired of the office for the day)

  2. “And this screen here is for looking at cats doing assorted things, recorded by a video camera and put on a communal data bank for future reference.”

  3. The guy that wrote that was a true visionary. I write this from my home office. I telecommute every day. I only need a car for personal use.

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