GREAT SCOTT: ‘Back to the Future’ Engagement Shoot [Pics]

Jarrett and Abbie’s love has grown even stronger, due in part to their mutual love the Back to the Future films.

So, it’s only natural their engagement photos featured a DeLorean, a flux capacitor, a Macy’s sign…and a certain puffy vest. Kudos to Shift-4 Photography for the awesome photos!

BTTF engagement pics 1

BTTF engagement pics 2

BTTF engagement pics 4

BTTF engagement pics 5

[Shift-4 Photography / Via Fashionably Geek]

2 Responses to GREAT SCOTT: ‘Back to the Future’ Engagement Shoot [Pics]

  1. Oh God no! The human race is DOOMED! DOOMED I tell you, DOOOMED.

    Intro the “Doom Song” at this point.

    Doom doom doom doom, doom doom . . . well you know how it goes. DOOOOOOM!

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