Did You Know? (Episode 1) [Video]

A bunch of random facts that you may or may not already be aware of. Did you know that star fish have no brain or that astronaut Frank Borman suffered from a bout of diarrhea onboard Apollo 8, resulting in fecal matter floating around?


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  1. Starfish no-brain: True.
    Poo in space: True.
    Plants crying out when thirsty: Questionable. Corn makes a clicking noise we cannot hear, but no proof it has anything to do with thirst.
    Syncronized steps: True.
    Mosquito preference: True
    Anatidaephobia: Totally fictional. From the Far Side cartoons.
    Eel kills horse: Potentially true. Can kill an adult human.
    Tranny oysters: True
    Handshakes: This gesture goes back to Ancient Greece. Origin theorized to be gesture of peace what with empty hand, but pretty sure they didn’t have guns.
    Phosphenes: True.

    Yes, I really am *this* bored.

    • You are correct, I made it and its supposed to be ‘weapon’ in the text for the gun one.. it is corrected but sadly youtube wont let you update your file. I was stressed and made a mistake there..

      The corn thing is also correct, i just took some creative freedom and made a flower sounding like a dog :) What i read was, the plants ‘venes’ or canals water goes through dry out and then that makes a sound.

      As for Anatidaephobia, I bet atleast one person in the world has had it as some kind of placebo after hearing about it.. and so, it exists?? :)

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