“Child of the ’90s” Presents the New Internet Explorer [Video]

Under the motto “You grew up, so did we”, Microsoft has created an ad for their new edition of Internet Explorer, complete with…





And maybe it’s because I’m still not okay being 27 – and I’m only a few months away from turning 28 – but I got goosebumps watching this, you guys.

[internetexplorer / Via YouTube]


9 Responses to “Child of the ’90s” Presents the New Internet Explorer [Video]

  1. OK, I’ll give Internet Explorer 10 an honest try.

    Oh, wait… You mean it is only available for Windows 7 and Windows 8? I don’t have either one, so I guess I can’t try it.

    Do I have an older version of Windows? Do I have a Mac? Do I have Linux? Who cares? I have the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera all running happily on my system. If Microsoft doesn’t want to play with the big boys and work on the systems people have, they shouldn’t complain when people use something else.

  2. Hang on, I was born in the ’60s and grew up in the ’70s – and I had a lot of that stuff! Why do the digital generations honestly believe they were the first to have everything, and why do muppet companies like M$oft market to them in this way?

  3. Yeah I remember most of this stuff from the 80s when I was born. It just carried into the 90s. On a side note I still have my Pogs and my now broken Tamagatchi.

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