A Disturbance in the Star Wars Universe [Pic]


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  1. Duh, because Luke wasn’t even a Jedi at that time, was barely Force sensitive, whereas Obi-Wan was a freakin’ Jedi GOD who eventually discovered the way to keep his soul alive after death. Kind of a huge difference in skill levels there ;)

  2. Who knows, maybe incest isn’t such a big deal in a galaxy far far away. Even a long time ago on this planet accepted incest. lol

    • Technically, she kissed him. Twice. First when they swung across the pit inside the Death Star, second was on Hoth when she was trying to make Han jealous XD

  3. This is a stupid question. There’s no “Force feeling” that tells you who your family is. However, there is a strong connection between The Force and Life. When billions of lives are suddenly extinguished, it is pretty noticeable fluctuation in The Force. DUH.