ASUS WL-330NUL USB Pocket Router: Routers Now Come Travel Sized


Travelling as a geek in the 21st century can be a rather heavy affair – and sometimes you simply have to leave some things behind. Now ASUS believes that your wireless router should not be one of them.

The ASUS WL-330NUL USB Pocket Router (really? No cute name like wispo or travelroute or something?) comes in at USB drive size, with dimensions of 65 x 20 x 15mm and weighing only 25 grams. But don’t let the little package fool you: it’s packing 802.11 b/g/n support, WiFi 2.4GHz an Ethernet port and connects to the computer via USB 2.0/3.0 to draw the power it needs – so no need to carry around another power plug.

I imagine this would be good for the geek whose friends expect him to get everything working – and the one who likes to make people happy by doing it. I’ve been that geek too many times, so to have this, hook it up into a network and have everyone in my little group then hooked up wirelessly…it’d be like being a little personal travelling Internet provider.

The ASUS WL-330NUL can be preordered from Expansys to be released on February 14 (what a great geeky Valentines gift!), although the price hasn’t yet been revealed. Hopefully it won’t break the bank…