“Vogue Loki” Crossplay [Gallery]

femme loki 2

Professional model and storyboard artist Briana Lamb hails from Nashville, Tennessee, but very recently, she has decided to call Atlanta, Georgia home.

While in Nashville, Briana shot this series of “Vogue Loki” photos with professional photographer Kyle McLaughlin and makeup artist Aisha Daly.

Being a storyboard artist, Briana designed the dress herself, and then Angelica Rion made the 2-D drawings a silky, shimmery, glamorized reality.

Click on the gallery at the bottom to see Briana’s concept sketches and the dress in-progress!

[Photos by Kyle McLaughlin / Studio KGM]

7 Responses to “Vogue Loki” Crossplay [Gallery]

  1. A very pretty outfit, but nothing about this says “Loki” to me. It’s a nice dress with a Loki-esque color scheme, I suppose. When you move this far away from the source material, you can hardly claim that it’s even a variation of that source material any more.

  2. What qualifies a person as a professional model? Last I checked, a professional is one that gets paid to complete a task. Seems to me this young lady is a professional model, and a good one at that. Sad to see such a lack of appreciation for others gifts and talents. Seems all involved have a gift and I thank you all for sharing it with us.

  3. Well I think everyone missed the “VOGUE” part of the title. It’s crossing a character into fashion. It’s done well for such. She is a professional model, as a fellow professional agency represented fashion model, I can vouch for that. What? Brainy talented nerds as professional models… Nonsense!!… We exist people. Be afraid be very afraid. Muwahahahaha!

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