The Evolution of Video Game Consoles [Pic]


[Source: RiptApparel | Via MUO]

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  1. cool… but why no mention of Microsoft bringing in the XBox and the shift from physical games to fully on demand DLC, possibly one of the biggest things to happen to console gaming in it’s (apparently) 46 year history

    • Except neither the ZX Spectrum (or indeed any of the Spectrum/Sinclair range), Commodore (which includes the C16, 64, 128 or Amiga) were consoles. They didn’t miss anything since this is a pictogram of Console History.

  2. Interesting infographic, it’s a shame that it seems to be made by the same illiterate buffoon that this site is so fond of ripping off.
    Here’s a really off-the-wall suggestion: when you write words, you could *shock horror* move your eyes to the left and actually read the drivel you have just spouted.
    Maybe this would result in fewer incomplete and nonsensical sentences?

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